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”Using Service Reign is the best money any retailer will spend if they want to improve or even maintain a high level of customer service. And, it’s less than 20 bucks a month. It’s a no-brainer.”

— Alan Lepak - Owner/Founder - Global Bikes
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“Service Reign has very quickly become a critical tool for us in getting real time feedback, allowing us to resolve problems as they arise, before they hit the airwaves. This feedback also helps us to continue to shape the best possible service policies for all our customers.”
— Stuart Hunter, Founder/CEO, roll:
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”Our three-stores implemented Service Reign and. I completely see value in it. If we are able to save one regular customer from not returning because of a bad interaction, the service has basically paid for itself.”
— Stephen Proffitt - Service Manager / Carytown Bicycle Company



• is a software that integrates with your Lightspeed POS system in minutes. 

• automatically sends a follow up email to a customer after a completed work order transaction. 

• lets a customer provide feedback about your work.

• encourages happy customers leave a positive review on Google, Yelp of Facebook.

• keeps unhappy customers from posting a bad review or going to another store.

96% of your customers who have a bad experience don't complain.

91% of them never come back.

-Ruby Newell-Legner


How was your service? 

With one click you will know how customers felt about their most recent experience at your store. 

Happy Customer!

With one click your customers can tell you if they are pleased with your service. This information is saved to your account. Use this information to see trends, as well as train and reward staff.

Unhappy Customer!

If a customer lets you know they are unhappy you'll be notified instantly so you can make contact immediately. It's your chance to find out what went wrong and make the customer happy!

95% of upset customers will do business with you again if you resolve the complaint instantly.

-Lee Resource, Inc




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$19/month + $5/location

No contract

Cancel any time

Text Notification Pricing

Automated text will be sent to your customer when a Work Order gets marked as “Finished” in Lightspeed.


(Free with Feedback tool)

No contract

Cancel any time

One negative review can cost you 30 customers.

-Convergys Study

We proudly support and offer a discount to members of the National Bicycle Dealers Association.

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