Actionable Tip for Retailers- #7: Bury The Ego

I just returned from Interbike. It was s good show. Smaller, a bit slow, but still a good show. If you look hard, there are people, companies and organizations doing some pretty cool things. The bike industry is alive, it’s kicking, you just need to know where to look. One place to look is the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association (PBMA). I won’t go in to specifically what they do on a micro level. If you want to learn more click here. On a macro level the PBMA is pushing individuals to learn, to adapt, to excel and ultimately advance. This is what I am trying to do at Service Reign. My goal is to provide retailers with tools to improve customer service and ultimately improve the industry.

Don’t get complacent. Bury the ego. You are not perfect and you don’t know it all. You can always improve. Look for ways to up your retail game before you get left behind. This reminds me of a documentary I watched a recently about the rise and fall of Tower Records. Every bike shop owner needs to watch this movie.