Actionable Tip for Retailers - #5: Update Your Website

When was the last time you seriously looked at your store website? When was the last time you had someone who has never seen your site look at it and give you honest feedback? 

As mentioned in a previous post I spend a lot of time looking at bike shop websites. Why? Truth be told I am looking for potential new customers to try Service Reign. I search for bike shops in a certain area and then start clicking away. I am usually seeking a phone number and an email address. Finding this information is typically not too painful. What is painful is looking at how outdated and unprofessional some bike shop websites are! With all the simple tools available today is no excuse to have bad website. A crappy website is just plain bad for business. Her are some actionable tips you can take to make your site better.

1) Update outdated or low quality homepage images or graphics. Smartphone cameras are amazing and take incredibly good images. Grab yours and take some cool shots of your store, staff and product. If you're still using a flip phone then you may need to delegate. And, if you’re not the creative type chances are someone on your staff is. Another option is to visit your top brands dealer web portals for stock imagery. I know all the major brands provide some awesome free images for you to use. Plan to update your images at least once a quarter to reflect the change is seasons and new product at your store.

2) Make sure your phone number is on your homepage. Your shop phone number should be easy to find and customers should not have to load another webpage when looking for it. This is particularly annoying on a mobile device with a slow connection.

3) Update your copyright year. If you put the copyright year on your homepage footer it should state the current year, not 2013. Customers notice when you're not paying attention to the details, so pay attention to the details.

4) Update or kill you blog. If your website has a blog make certain you keep it updated. If you can’t find time to update it you should delete it from your site. Read our previous post on this topic.

5) Take the next step. Is it time for a new website? We are not going to go down the rabbit hole of whether or not you need to have web store and embrace omnichannel (although we think you should to some degree). If your site is not using a modern website building tool, such as Smartetailing, Lightspeed, Squarespace, Shopify, Wix or the like, my guess is your site is ready for an upgrade. There a gazillion tools out there to create websites. Some are inexpensive, others are not, but they all make it easy. No excuses. Get going.