Actionable Tip for Retailers- #4: To Blog Or Not To Blog

It's possible at some point along the way a wise SEO / internet marketing guru told you to have a blog on your website. You were told it would increase traffic to your site and improve search engine rankings. This is true, however this only works if you keep your blog updated. As mentioned in previous posts, we spend a tremendous amount of time here at Service Reign looking at bike shop websites. This is not a scientific study, but it is fairly safe to say nearly 90% of the sites we view, which have blogs, have not updated their blog in more than 2 months. In some cases it's more than 2 years!

Kudos to these shops for attempting to start a blog, but like an unkept bathroom, an outdated blog is just another let down for your customer. And, that brings us to Actionable Tip for Retailers - #4: To Blog Or Not To Blog

If you can't keep your blog updated with weekly posts, turn off your blog. Shut it down. The harm of having an outdated blog far outweighs the benefits having one.  That's it all!