Actionable Tip for Retailers- #3

I was in one of those fast casual restaurants a few days ago and had to use the bathroom. The room was (and likely still is) very dirty. The paper towel dispenser was broken with just a roll sitting next to the sink. The trash can was overflowing and there was no soap either. I'm sure you've heard the saying, "If the bathroom is filthy, I wonder what the kitchen looks like?" The same could be said for your service area. The same could be said for any retail business offering repair services. Do you think a customer has confidence in your ability to take good care of their bike (or skis, or snowboard, or jewelry, etc.) when you can't even keep your store bathroom clean?

It goes without saying, if you have a customer bathroom in your retail business, make sure it's clean. A clean and tidy bathroom lets customers know your business is dialed and you care about your image. And, that brings us to this week's Actionable Tip for Retailers - #3

  • Keep your bathroom clean!
  • Establish a cleaning schedule for your employees, that includes routine clean-up and restocking. This should probably be every hour or every two hours at the very least.
  • Rotate the cleaning schedule among employees, daily or by shift. No one likes the job, but it has to be done. Offering an incentive to the bathroom cleaner each day won’t hurt either!
  • Clean the walls. Clean the toilets. Clean the sinks. Clean the doors. Clean the mirrors. Everything.
  • Keep bathroom well-stocked – toilet paper, soap, towels.
  • Repair the tiles. Repair the mirrors. Repair the hardware. Repair leaks. Repair and repaint the walls and ceilings as needed.
  • Make sure the bathroom door locks.
  • Ensure the bathroom smells fresh all the time.